Coats and Shoes for Kids

Welcome to the heart of Barnesville, Ohio, where the spirit of giving shines brightly through the efforts of the Kiwanis Club of Barnesville, Ohio.

At Kiwanis, we’re not just an organization; we’re a community of passionate individuals dedicated to improving the lives of children.

Our Coats and Shoes for Kids project is just one example of this commitment. We understand the challenges children face, especially during the harsh Ohio winters. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to ensure that any child in the Barnesville Exempted Village School System has the warmth and comfort they deserve.

Through this project, we provide coats, shoes, and even some Christmas presents to students who need an extra hand. Teachers or administrators confidentially identify children in need and provide us with their basic information so that every act of kindness is done with the utmost respect for privacy.

How do we make it all possible? Through the unwavering support of our community. Various fundraisers throughout the year, including our new Christmas Ornament Walk, fuel the resources needed to keep this project alive and thriving.

So, if you’re a teacher in the Barnesville School System who knows of a student who could benefit from our program, or if you’re someone looking to make a difference, we urge you to reach out. Together, we can continue to spread warmth, kindness, and hope to the children who need it most. Join us in making a difference today.